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Training and Computing Cluster

This purpose built computer laboratory has the capability to be used in two configurations depending on the needs of the user. The facility was built as an image-processing and analysis training facility with the capability to accomodate 8 students at one time. In its second configuration, the facility can be used as an 8-PC high performance computing cluster. The equipment comprises of 8 PCs with specifications:
  • Dell Precision 490 base system
  • 64-bit Intel Xeon Quad-Core processor (E5320)
  • 4GB of RAM
  • PXE enabled Gigabit LAN network card

Dimensional Imaging 3D Capture System

The Dimensional Imaging 3D capture system, provides the user with the ability to capture a high resolution three-dimensional colour image of a subject's face. The equipment comprises of 4 high resolution cameras and their lenses, flashes and synchronisation box, as well as sophisticated software for calculating the 3D position of every point based on the 4 images of the face taken in a stereo matching algorithm. The system is very accurate with a level of noise of <0.3mm in every estimated 3D point. The equipment is specifically designed and calibrated for capturing face images and allows for the capture of eye information without any risk of retina damage as is associated with laser based systems. The primary use of the equipment will be for the analysis of the acquired face images to highlight links between certain illnesses and face shape.