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National Biophotonics & Imaging Platform Ireland (NBIPI) - The mission of the National Biophotonics Imaging Platform is to provide an integrated national access and training infrastructure in research, education, technology development and industry collaboration for the State's investment in Biophotonics and Imaging. This new investment will build on past research, education and enterprise achievements in the first round of PRTLI funding (NCSR) and (RINCE)

The NBIP provides a national framework to support and encourage the development of centres of expertise. The provision of adequate core technologies in advanced imaging will greatly enhance the national research infrastructure. This will ensure that the recent investment in research equipment and buildings translates to an increased efficiency of usage, which should in turn provide a solid foundation for development of key research areas. Each of the institutional partners in the NBIP provides individual core facilities and research expertise, which in turn are integrated into the complete NBIP proposal. The NBIP provides a national framework to support and encourage the development of an integrated network of complementary centres of expertise. The added value of this proposal to the participating Institutions lies in provision of a coherent, comprehensive imaging infrastructure that will enhance both local and national Research programmes underpinned by imaging technologies. This will lead to a more rational, and cost effective delivery of advanced imaging facilities to the Irish research community.

DCU will provide expertise in nanobiophotonics, sensor development, image processing and analysis and spectral imaging and will act as the Platform co-ordinator for technology transfer and management of intellectual properties

The DCU element of the NBIP is made of of three key clusters:

General Vacancies: